the Basics
Please take the time to review the History Department's Policies, as you will be expected to be familiar with these rules. You will be handed a copy of these in class as well.

Carefully read and think about each assignment. For the purposes of discussion, it is essential that you are prepared to discuss each day's assignments when you arrive. Taking notes is his highly recommended. Jot down main ideas, important events/developments, and any questions or comments that arise as you read. If you can't recall details from the readings, you aren't prepared.

This class is a seminar, therefore classes will be almost exclusively discussion-based. The quality and quantity of your participation--both as a listener and as a speaker--will effect to how much everyone learns. Thus, participation will be 20%-25% of your term grade. Please note, if you do not speak in class, come to class unprepared, do not listen to your peers, or violate the discussion guidelines (see above), your grade will be lowered.
PAPERS (click here)
You will write a number of papers this year. Essays are due when class begins (see absences policies below). DO NOT EVER discuss take-home essay topics with your peers. If you are struggling with an assignment, meet with me (the sooner the better).

Written assignments should be typed, double spaced, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins on all sides. Your name, the class title, and the due date should be typed at the top of the first page or on an attached cover page. Unless otherwise stated, parenthetical citations will be sufficient.
TESTS (click here)
Test dates will be posted on the on the online syllabus. Tests will cover topics from the readings and class discussions. NEVER discuss tests with members of the class who have not yet taken the test. That is cheating.
READING QUIZZES (click here)
You will be quizzed periodically on the readings. The frequency of quizzes will depend upon how well the class as a whole keeps up with the assignments. As an incentive to take reading notes, you will be allowed to use your notes on pop quizzes (note: they must be on a separate piece of paper and they must be yours).
GRADING SCALE (click here)
  Range Grade Range Grade Range Grade Range
74%-76% D 64%-66%
70%-73% D- 60%-63%
67%-69% F below 60%
grading policies

Participation will be approximately 20%-25% of your term grade. Tests are typically worth 100 pts. and will most likely be essays and/or short answers. Papers vary in point value; the value will be announced when the paper is assigned.

I will subtract 5% of the points of an assignment for every day that it is late--weekends count as two days.

I will be happy to discuss your performance at any time, but before coming to discuss a grade, please wait 24 hours and use this time to think about my comments so that our discussion will be most productive.

absences & tardiness

When absent, you are responsible for obtaining class notes from a peer. I will be happy to meet with you to go over what you missed. If you know in advance that you will be absent for a test, you must arrange a make-up test well before the test date. If the absence is unforeseen (i.e. you are ill), see me the day you return to schedule a make-up.You will make up tests, not quizzes. You will receive a ZERO if you miss a test or quiz without an excused absence.

If you are late for class, you will receive a zero on whatever you miss unless the principal excuses your tardiness. Repeated tardiness will negatively impact your participation grade.

Papers deadlines are final. If you foresee needing an extension, you must speak to me in advance of the deadline. If you must miss class for a field trip, vacation, or college visit, written assignments must be turned in before you leave, unless you have made other arrangements with me in advance.

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